Congratulations to the Cast of “Big Love”!

Leander High School Fall Show 2016

“Big Love” Cast


Lydia-Amanda Castillo and Ariel O’Gwin

Olympia-Ana Arthur and Katie Pizer

Theona-Miranda Pizer and Ellena Martinez

Bella-Bri Branscomb

Eleanor-Harley Frias

Piero-Evan Hays

Leo-Carter Wiseman

Giuliano-Josh Rogalski

Constantine-Cullen Payne

Oed-Nick Davila

Nikos-Gavin Davis


Brides: Lily Mae Kubin, Emily Pritchett, Ivetta Jean Louis, Erin McSorley, Lydia Singleton, Abigail King, Gillian Pelfrey, Ellie Hawkins, Brittany Killens, Angel Tyson, KK Farris, Alison Molino, Avery Teets

Grooms: Patrick Wilbanks, Jack Johnson, Alex Santistevan, Logan Rose, Ryan Kerlick, Gage DeLosh, Jacob Vaughan, Austin Graham, Dylan Robinson…plus a few more.

Freshman Advanced Class to Perform “One-Act Play Competition”

Our first show of the year opens with the Freshman Advanced Class!!  They will be performing on September 29th at 4:30 in the Drama Studio. There will be no admission charged for this production.  Hope to see you there!

“One-Act Play Competition”


Sarah – Sarah Doughty

Teacher 1 – Sophi Montani

Hunter – Zack Pizer

Jill – Taylor Lammi

Will – Elijah Fitch

Missy – Barbara Gano

Dawn – Charlie Sullivan

Teacher 2 – Addi Roberts

Elliot – Nova Miller

Callie – Autumn Keith

Laura – Kaitlyn Diaz Moreno

Graham – Matthew Kennedy

Allison – Miranda Lim

Teacher 3 – Rhett Brady

Sue – Rebecca Medieros

Jessica – Camilla Urrea

Ike – Jordan Williams

Travis – Ike Porter


Judge – Nick Davila

Crew – Andy Chu

2016-2017 Important Dates (Part 2)

Welcome Back Everyone! 2016-17 looks to be a promising year for the LHS Theatre program.  I have updated the calendar with the newest additions for the school year.  Again, there are several events with times that are TBA.  As soon as those times become available we will get them posted.  You can click on the link below to print out a copy of the new  update if you would like.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Major, Harris, or any one of the Booster Officers if you have any questions.

Leander High School Theatre 2016-17 Important Dates

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