Rumors by Neil Simon


Cast A Cast B
Ken Cullen Payne Nick Davila
Chris Lynley Eilers Lee Metaxa
Lenny Matthew Kennedy Evan Hayes
Claire Miranda Pizer Ana Arthur
Ernie Hunter Jones Patrick Willbanks
Cookie Olivia Baker Emilee Earthman
Glen Gavin Davis Carter Wiseman
Cassie Ariel O’Gwin Annika Low
Welch Ellena Martinez Lily Mae Kubin
Pudney Dylan Robinson Gage Delosh


House Manager Bekah Fielding
Assistant Director Emily Pritchett
Assistant Director Amanda Castillo
Stage Manager Ellie Hawkins
Asst. Stage Manager Bri Branscomb
Light Board Operation Garrett Martin
Light Crew Briggs Dunford
Light Crew Burke Sayles
Sound Angili Slater
Sound Sarah Hayes
Props Austin Graham
Props Kaily Pollchik
Costumes Katie Rosson
Costumes Abigail King
Costumes Taylor Bode
Hair & Makeup Mathilde le Tacon
Hair & Makeup Cyndi Nguyen

Congratulations to the Cast and Crew!


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Volunteer ConceptAm I a Booster Parent you ask? If you have a student that is a member of the Leander High School Theatre Department, then yes you ARE a Booster Parent. As a Booster Parent, we work together in a fun environment to support the students and directors who provide the caliber of Theatre Department that has become a community wide expectation for Leander High School. Per our Bi-Laws, a parent or guardian of each Theatre Student must work a minimum of two volunteer events. Continue reading

Music Man receives award at GAHSMTA!

musicman_8-5x11revCongratulations to the Cast, Crew and Orchestra of The Music Man for being nominated in 10 of the 15 award categories at the 2014 Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards.

We were very excited to be awarded Best Ensemble!


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