2016-2017 Important Dates

Hope everyone is have a wonderful summer break so far!!  The website calendar has been updated with the list of important dates for the upcoming school year.  Most times are to be announced, with the exception of a few UT games.  A link has been included below if you would like to print out a hard copy.

LHS Theatre 2016-2017 Dates

See you all in August!



Evan-NaskyCreated to honor the life of Evan Nasky and his love for, and participation in, the Leander High School Theatre Department; this fund offers scholarships to graduating students within the department who are pursuing a Theatre major (acting, film, musical theatre, technical production, etc.) at the collegiate level. Continue reading

Congratulations Cast & Crew of ‘Picnic’ – UIL One Act PLay

Leander High School One Act Play 2016

Picnic Cast

Helen Potts-Emilee Earthman

Hal Carter-Cullan Payne

Millie Owens-Sarah Hayes

Bomber-Patrick Wilbanks

Madge Owens-Ana Arthur

Flo Owens-Olivia Baker

Rosemary Sydney-Lynley Eilers

Alan Seymour-Evan Hays

Irma Kronkite-Miranda Pizer

Christine Schoenwalder-Amanda Castillo

Howard Bevans-Matthew Kennedy


Assistant Director-Jacob Vaughan

Stage Manager-Ellie Hawkins

Lights-Garrett Martin

Sound-Hunter Jones

Specials-Tristen Banuelos


Nick Davila

Carter Wiseman

Briggs Dunford

Ellena Martinez


Angili Slater

Kaily Pollchik

Emily Pritchett

Bri Branscomb

Gavin Davis

Austin Graham

Musical Cast & Crew Announced

LHS Anything Goes Tee Design 1

Cast List for the Leander High School Production of Anything Goes

Reno Sweeney                             Lynley Eilers

Hope Harcourt                           Annika Low

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh               Carter Wiseman

Billy Crocker                               Evan Hays

Moonface Martin                      Matthew Kennedy

Evangeline Harcourt                 Olivia Baker

Elisha Whitney                          Nick Davila

Erma Latour                              Emilee Earthmann

Ship’s Captain                           Tristan Banuelos

Luke                                         Benz Isanpayu

John                                         Austin Graham

Ship’s Purser                            Patrick Wilbanks

Purity (Angel #1)                        Miranda Pizer

Chastity (Angel #2)                    Mathilde LeTacon

Charity (Angel #3)                      Ellena Martinez

Virtue (Angel #4)                        Ana Arthur

Temperance (Angel #5)              Amanda Castillo

Patience (Angel #6)                   Taylor Bode

Diligence (Angel #7)                  Alexa Urrea

Kindness (Angel #8)                  Lauren Yetter

Fred the Bartender                     Jacob Vaughan

Bishop Henry T. Hobson          Brigham Dunford

FBI Agent 1                                Jacob Vaughan

FBI Agent 2                               Gavin Davis

Reporter 1                                 Brittany Killens

Reporter 2                                 Hunter Jones

Photographer                            Cindy Nguyen

Lady in Wheelchair                   Avery Teets

Dance Captains                         Alexa Urrea, Miranda Pizer

Featured dancers and singers will be announced during dance and vocal rehearsals. Everyone will dance and sing.


Faith Hodge, Annika Hillbrick, Amanda Golka, Jack Johnson, Alex Santisteven, Lydia Singleton, Ameth Knox, Avery Teets, Katie Pizer, Harley Frias, Megan White, Camilla Urrea, Emma Tucker, Macy Green, Haley Closser, Bri Branscomb, Ryan Kerlick, Haley Colthorp, KK Farris, Finley Muela, Maddie Phipps, Nicole Gilbert, Jose Garcia, Miya King, Justin Spivey, David Wolfe, Alejandro Andrade-Todd, Rob Koe, Gage DeLosh, Danielle Yetter, Sarah Yeager, Julia Bennett, Aiah Hawkins, Caleb Hawkins


Assistant Director                                            Emily Prichett

Stage Manager                                               Ellie Hawkins

Assistant Stage Manager                                Katie Rosson

Sound                                                              Sarah Hayes, Angili Slater, Burke Sayles

Lights                                                               Garrett Martin, Burke Sayles

Props                                                               Bekah Fielding, Lily Mae Kubin, Kaily Pollchik

Makeup                                                           Ariel O’Gwin

General Crew                                                 Gigi Allen, Mike Hernandez, Ellie Earthmann

See Mr. Harris if you are still interested in being in the crew!!


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